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Popular Colorado Insurance CE 24-Hour Bundles:

1.  3-hour Ethics +  Underwriting Principles and Controls.

2.  3-hour Ethics +  Anti-Money Laundering + Insurance and the U.S. Economy

Start with Ethics. It is short and familiarizes you with the Best Website

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Ethics and Product Training Courses

  License Type Hours Price
CO Homeowners Insurance Homeowners 3 $18.00
CO Homeowners Valuation Homeowners 3 $18.00
Colorado 4-Hour Annuity Training Annuity-Training 4 $18.00
Consumer Protection Ethics Ethics 3 $18.00
Ethics and the Professional Ethics 3 $18.00
Flood Insurance Training PC 3 $18.00
Insurance Consumers and Ethics Ethics 3 $18.00

Self Study Courses

  License Type Hours Price
Affordable Care Tax Credit Accident / Health 2 $12.00
Annuities (co.v02) LHAV 21 $21.00
Anti-Money Laundering LHAV or PC 2 $18.00
Estate Planning I (co.v2) LHAV 21 $21.00
Estate Planning II LHAV 17 $21.00
Insurance and Banking Focus LHAV or PC 21 $21.00
Insurance and the U.S. Economy LHAV or PC 19 $21.00
Insurance Legal Process (co.v2) LHAV or PC 21 $21.00
Insurance Review (co.v2) LHAV or PC 21 $21.00
Insurance: Regs and Mgmt LHAV or PC 22 $21.00
Medicare Fraud and Abuse (co.v2) LHAV or PC 21 $21.00
P & C Focus PC 21 $21.00
Social Security Focus LHAV or P/C 16 $21.00
Underwriting Principles & Controls LHAV or PC 21 $21.00
Workers Compensation Focus PC 17 $21.00