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15 Hours of Insurance Continuing Education for $37.95

At checkout, discounts are auto-applied.   Less than 15 credits are priced by the course. Credits over 15 are $1 each.  Pay after you finish all of your courses. ALERT: NM has issued new license numbers. Look up your license number.  New: BestEd reports your CE completions. NM charges a $2 per credit hour reporting fee that Best collects and remits. Approved Provider 338.

How To Build Your Bundle

How to Build your CE Bundle in 3 Simple Steps

1. New students register:  Returning students login.

2. Choose and complete courses needed - one at a time.

3. Pay after the continuing education courses you need are completed.

After payment BestEd emails receipts and completion certificates.

Guarantee and Updates

Satisfaction Guaranteed: You only pay for courses you want to complete. If you begin a course and decide you don't like it, just stop and choose another course to complete. It is that easy.

July 1, 2017 New Continuing Education Rules15 credits are still required.  New Mexico charges a $2 per credit hour reporting fee.  Best will collect and pay the fee.  Best will report your ce completions electronically for you.

Thank you for choosing, a division of Best Insurance Education Company, the ce provider that values your support and puts you first.

State Requirements

Thank you for choosing Best Insurance Education Company, BestEd,  as your insurance continuing education provider.

Self Study Courses

  License Type Hours Price
Annuities LH / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Anti-Money Laundering Ethics 2 $12.00
Ethics and the Professional 1 Ethics 1 $25.00
Ethics Supplement Not For Purchase 1 $1.00
Flood Insurance Training PC 3 $14.00
Insurance & the U.S. Economy LH / PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Insurance and Banking Focus LH / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Insurance Legal Process LH / PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Insurance Review LH / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Insurance: Regs & Mgmt & Ethics LH / PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Medicare Fraud and Abuse LH / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Property Casualty Focus PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Social Security Focus LH / PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00
Underwriting Principles and Controls LH / PC / 1 Ethics 15 $35.00