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24-Hour of Insurance CE for only $35

At checkout, discounts are auto-applied.   Less than 24 credits are priced by the course. Credits over 24 are $1 each.  Pay after you finish all of your courses. Remember at least 12 credits must be in class equivalent format. A $76 bundle value for only $35. Texas Insurance CE Provider 32367, approved since 1988.

How To Build Your Bundle

How to Complete your CE in 4 Simple Steps

1. New students register:  Returning students login.

2. Self-select courses or select a pre-bundled set of courses.

3. Complete courses needed - one at a time.

4. Pay after you complete all of the continuing education courses you need.

After payment, certificates and receipts are emailed.  Best reports completions.

Guarantee and Updates

Effective 09-01-2015: Continuing Education Credit Hours reguired is 24 each renewal period per TX Department of Insurance.  At least 12 must be in class equivalent format and 2 in Ethics

There is a 75 cent per credit hour reporting fee that TDI charges and is collected by Best

Go to TX DOI for details

Satisfaction Guaranteed: You only pay for courses you want to complete. If you begin a course and decide you don't like it, just stop and choose another course to complete. It is that easy.

Thank you for choosing, a division of Best Insurance Education Company, the ce provider that values your support and puts you first.

State Requirements

 Thank You

We know you have a choice in insurance continuing education providers.  Thank you for choosing Best Insurance Education Company (BestEd.)

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Bundled Courses

  License Type Hours Price
General Bundle 1 All 24 35
General Bundle 2 All 24 35
General Bundle 3 All 24 35
Special Annuity CE Bundle All 24 35
Special Medicare CE Bundle All 24 35

Class Equivalent Courses

  License Type Hours Price
Agency All 3 $14.00
Anti-Money Laundering All 2 $12.00
Industry Controls All 2 $12.00
Insurance Consumer Ethics Ethics 2 $12.00
Legal Issues All 6 $17.00
Reinsurance All 7 $17.00
Underwriting Principles All 11 $19.00

Self Study Courses

  License Type Hours Price
Annuities All 12 $17.00
Estate Planning I All 12 $25.00
Insurance Legal Process All 12 $25.00
Insurance Review-TX All 12 $25.00
Insurance: Regs and Mgmt All 12 $25.00
Social Security Focus All 12 $25.00
Underwriting Principles & Controls All 12 $25.00

Other Ethics and Product Training Courses

  License Type Hours Price
Ethics and the Professional Ethics 2 $14.00
TX Annuity Continuing Ed CE-Annuity 4 $14.00
TX Annuity Suitability CE-Annuity 4 $14.00
TX Flood Insurance Training PC Training 3 $14.00
TX Initial Annuity Training Cert-Annuity 4 $17.00
TX Medicare-Related Products Certification Cert-Medicare Related 8 $17.00
TX Medicare-Related Products CE CE-Medicare Related 4 $14.00